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I love being a mother to my three wonderful children! They truly bring joy to my heart every day. My kiddos just love to play outside. No matter the season, they want to be outside as much as possible. I think they would live outside if I would let them. During the summer months, they are constantly asking me if they can play in the water. Unfortunately, we don’t have pool yet, so the only water source they have is the hose out back. They make slip and slide with tarps as well as run through the sprinklers. Anything they can do to get wet is their favorite thing to do in the summertime. If we aren’t going anywhere that day, I almost always cave in to them and let them play in the water. Something that I find very humorous though is that after they are done playing in the water, they come inside to change, and they are completely freezing. They actually ask me if they can sit by our little electric space heater to warm up a bit before they eat dinner. It has become sort of a thing around here to play outside in the water and come in just before dinner and warm up next to the little electric heater. Of course, I make sure they are completely dry before I let them sit next to it, and they know never to touch the heater. I make sure to keep an eye on them when they are near the heater, but they really enjoy it, and I find it sort of humorous, so I allow them to use it.

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