What a great deal

I feel like my fiance and I don’t agree on anything. And I mean EVER! It’s a constant struggle between us to make decisions. As we began remodeling our home, we discovered our taste was very different. It was discouraging to go into home stores and try to pick finishes and get nowhere. We pretty much just go back and forth butting heads. When it came time to pick a new HVAC system for the house, the decision went on way longer than it needed to because we just couldn’t agree. Buying a new HVAC system seems like a simple idea, but with two people so stubborn and opinionated, it was a bit of a drawn out affair. When we did finally pick a heating and cooling system, even after we okayed the installation, we still were talking about it. We literally discussed the original discussion and traveled down all the avenues of thought possible until at last, the unit was installed. I was so happy that was over with, but unfortunately there was just another decision waiting around the corner. Decision after decision, fight after fight, and a lot of opinions flying around like gunfire. Honestly, I am not signing up for any more renovations after these projects are done. I can’t keep up with the stress. The funny thing is that it’s not due to the project or any problems with the HVAC, it’s just my fiance is driving me nuts! I think he thinks it’s fun to argue, to be completely honest.

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