Character and original artwork

My husband, Bob and I don’t agree on anything. We constantly struggle to make decisions. When we got involved in the remodeling of our home, we soon discovered that our tastes are entirely opposite.   It was extremely frustrating to go shopping for paint, windows, curtains, furniture, and fixtures and get nowhere. Bob and I pretty much go back and forth with neither one of us willing to compromise. When we needed to update our  current Heating, and A/C system for the house, the decision took forever. The arguments continued for way longer than necessary because Bob and I just couldn’t agree. Replacing an existing furnace and air conditioner should be easy, but there are still lots of decisions.  We debated over the manufacturer, the size, the style, the features, energy efficiency, warranty requirements, and choosing the HVAC contractor to handle installation. When Bob and I finally chose a heating and cooling system, and okayed the replacement date, we still kept talking about it. We argued non stop until the unit was installed. Bob and I were so glad that project was over with, and at least we could enjoy a perfectly comfortable home.  Even if there was just another decision right around the corner, the furnace and air conditioner had turned out to be the perfect decision. Of course, we still argue over the thermostat setting. Honestly, I am ready to be done with the renovations after this. I can’t live with the stress and upheaval. At least there are no complications with the Heating and A/C. Bob and I actually agree that we made the right choice for the furnace and air conditioner.

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