What an air conditioner

When I first met my husband, he struck me as the self-absorbed, arrogant type and I was definitely not impressed. I have never been attracted to that type. When he asked me to have dinner with him at the best restaurant in our neighbourhood, I almost said no. Almost. Then I thought about the great cuisine that restaurant was famous for, and I accepted his offer. Sharing a tasty free meal did not signify a commitment, right?

              He picked me up at home and we got to the restaurant at about 7:30. Honestly, the ambiance was truly impressive. The place was beautiful and the indoor air quality, perfect. It was summer and blazing hot outside but the HVAC system in that place had it all under control. I began to relax and enjoy the meal, when suddenly, the air changed and became really oppressive. As I began to sweat, I saw, for the first time, the caring side of my date. You would think the obvious failure of the HVAC unit was all his fault! He showed such genuine concern for my comfort,constantly enquiring if I was okay, plaguing the management to readjust the thermostat, and finally procuring a fan for our table. I was truly touched. It was like the heat in that restaurant melted the ice between us.    

            Despite that broken HVAC system and the poor air quality, I had the time of my life. The portable fan served us very well, the food was great, and we talked and laughed for hours.

            We are still together!

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