I have had enough

I own a sizeable amount of real estate on the west side of the city.  All of this property can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. Don’t get me  wrong, I make a good living as a result of owning buildings that I rent. I simply resent the large  chunk of money that goes right back into the properties for upkeep and repairs. I know this is jan unavoidable cost of doing business, but  I am always hoping to minimize this expense. Because I invest so much back into the properties, I do have some really wonderful apartments and office spaces for rent. In fact, I have a four bedroom room home that recently became available, just a few miles from the city. It’s in amazing shape and I just finished remodeling most of the house. I even went to the lengths of putting in new kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and finishing the basement.  The basement is now a laundry and workout room, with its own bathroom. It was a major project, because I came across a radon gas concern that needed to be dealt with right away. I noticed a few cracks in the foundation and purchased a radon detection kit. I learned that there was radon gas leaking inside through these cracks. I hired a professional company that specializes in radon gas mitigation. The took care of sealing the cracks and installing effective equipment.  The whole service was reasonably priced and completely eliminated any concerns over safety. Between ventilation pipes and a fan, the small amount of radon gas are harmlessly dispersed into the atmosphere.

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