What is going on in the world?

If I were to ask you to describe the most peculiar thing you’ve ever seen, how would you go about doing it? Would you find it easier to pull up pictures from the Internet, or begin an unexpected game of charades to play it out? Most of us would likely opt for simply looking up our odd sight on the web to determine what it happens to be, plus quickly find the truth. In the case of my mother, she seems to prefer the latter – plus it entertains us far more than we’d love to admit! See, our mother’s consistently been old-fashioned. She’s the kind of lady who would rather sit plus wait an hour for her appointment at the hair salon over checking in using an app on her smartphone. So, when the heating device they’ve relied on for years had been deemed unfit for use, our mother was perturbed to say the least! She enjoyed her “trusty aged fireplace”, plus insisted that it had never been a risk for a household fire since she had a chimney sweep come out every Fall. I wanted to agree with our mother, although I also wanted her to catch up to us in the twenty-first century by investing in new and energy efficient furnace. Whether it was a furnace that was gas-lit or electric, a hot water boiler that used steam to heat the household, or even radiant floors – just something that she could control with a temperature control, instead of an iron poker plus a wooden log! Well, our father convinced her to invest in radiant floors for the household, saying it was going to be hassle-free plus would be just as “fun” as a fireplace could ever be. When they finally had the radiant floors installed, our mother kept trying to tell us the basement was on fire, because the floors were way too hot! Oh well… we can’t all adapt to change with incredible ease, can we?