What makes it hurt

My friends have teased myself and others over the years, and accused myself and others of being absent-minded. I wouldn’t say that I’m absent-minded, as much as I am ditzy and prone to injury. When I was younger, I bought a bicycle from a guy on craigslist, and didn’t even realize there weren’t brakes or even a chain on the bike until I got lake apartment with it. As you can imagine, I got a lot of heat for that from my friends! Well, that doesn’t compare to the heat I got when I nearly burned my apartment down with a space heater! How does this happen? Well, it began with myself and others going to the hardware store to option up a space heating system for my home. My central heating and air system broke down while I was in the first week of Winter season, and the repair bill was too lavish to pursue now, so I settled for a cheap electric space heating system to use in whatever room I’m in at the house. At first, this thing was a lifesaver! It was a tiny little machine, but it worked incredibly well to heat the study room and living room as I occupied those rooms. Then a single afternoon, with the same sound judgement I consistently have, I decided to bring the space heating system outside and set it on my back porch, which is more than double the size of my study room and covered with screen windows, resting the space heating system on the opposite side of the porch away from me, I sat down in a lawn chair and read a book. Twenty minutes later, I noticed the porch was considerably hotter than usual. I looked over the ridge of my book and saw that the space heating system caught fire! I stood for a minute, awestruck, before hastily running inside to flip the breaker switch for my back porch and grabbing a fire extinguisher. By the time I made it back outside, the wall behind the space heating system had caught fire! Spraying the wall and heating system with a single hand and dialing 9-1-1 on my iphone with the other, I nearly saw my apartment burn down in a matter of fifteen minutes. When the fire department arrived and declared the scene safe, the set promptly warned myself and others about using a space heating system outdoors, however lesson l acquired!

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