Where do I go from here

You know, if you have a dirty house, that’s your prerogative. We’re all adults here; well, at least if you own your own house like I do, then you’re probably an adult, right? But I think that there’s a fine line between someone who is kind of messy and someone who is a complete and utter slob. I am an HVAC technician, and I’ve been working with the same heating and cooling company for the past five years or so. I really like my job because I like to help people solve their heating and A/C problems. But let me tell you – sometimes when I go into someone’s house to check their furnace or their central air conditioning unit, I am just shocked over the conditions in which some people choose to live! I’m talking about trash being piled up, dirty diapers, dog hair, dust, dirt, pollen, you name it. Some of these people’s houses are absolutely disgusting. Once in a while I have to bite my tongue to not yell at some of my customers. I mean, of course your air conditioner isn’t going to work correctly if all of your air filters are clogged up with dust and dirt and pet hair! And of course your heating ducts are going to put out heating that smells bad if you leave dirty diapers near the air intake! It’s just ridiculous. I don’t think that most people even have any common sense when it comes to their heating and cooling systems in their homes. Or maybe it’s just the slobs that I get assigned to for HVAC calls. All I know is that I would never want to live in a mess like that!

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