Working gas furnace at full power

My partner and I have just become parents. Well, dog parents that is! We are not anywhere near ready to have real human kids, so we thought that going and getting a dog from the local animal shelter and have that as a sort of stepping stone. We weren’t sure how he was kept in the animal shelter without getting adopted for two years, but somehow he was. It wasn’t until we got him home and noticed all of his little quirks. When we got him home, he began whining and complaining about something. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything, so we were confused. I called the vet and asked what was up with him. It turns out that our new family member does not like to be warm at all. He loves the cold so much, he would rather have air conditioned floors than radiant heated floors. It is in the middle of winter, so the radiant heater floors in our house were working and we also had our gas furnace going at full power. Now we had to pick between keeping our pup happy, and from freezing to death. We chose to make our little guy happy and go without the heat for a while. As soon as we did the whining and barking came to a halt which was great. I guess this is a good sign that we will be good parents to a kid of our own one day. But on the other hand, this dog is so crazy and such a handful we already have our hands full!

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