Working in high heat

Some of the most difficult work is that of a factory position. This job itself can be genuinely hard and tiring, as it is a lot of physical labor intensive work. For roughly the last 10 years I have been working here, yet I truly no do not enjoy it! Yet there is not a lot of jobs out there to be able to get a fantastic position with a livable wage, so I have been continuing to work here. However the single thing I do not like about this location is the fact that while I was in the Summer months the AC is absolutely horrid! The heat is oppressive in here during the entire warm season–it feels as if the undefined unit is barely on at all. You’d think, they would be able to at the genuinely least have a high quality Heating & A/C system. Everywhere else has quality air conditioning, so why can’t this factory have a decently working AC?!, You’d guess they would have a fantastic quality HEPA air filter to care for the products, but they do not! It’s so bad in here that even my dust sensitivities act up all the time… When I get back to my beach home every night, I typically crank up my air conditioning method to cool off after that whole nightmare! I really guess I will be finding a new job real soon, specifically a single place that has a fantastic & current heating & cooling system. Though heating is just as substantial as cooling. In the Winter time at this factory, I have the same issue–it’s freezing! That time of year I typically have to come back to my beach home & crank on the heating on my beach home heating & cooling system! It’s horrendous!

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