Climate control for our boy

My child is showing all the trademark signs of a whiny baby, and he’s  about eight months old now! I’m kidding for the most part, of course. In all honesty, this kid is the easiest baby my partner and I could’ve hoped for. Our son only cries for reasons that make sense, like if he’s overly   weary, hungry, or just hot., Then he’ll cry until my partner and I take care of his needs. My partner and I were so amazed the first time we saw it happen together. However our baby boy will honestly get anxious if he doesn’t stay in an air conditioned site! He doesn’t like the heat very much at all – which is unfortunate, since my partner and I live in the deep south. However, the three of us do have excellent air conditioner at all times in our beach home. I keep telling my partner that he’s just spoiled by it. To care for the baby, my partner and I spent a good deal of our savings to have top of the line ductless mini-split systems installed at our beach home. He and I make full use of those systems by equipping almost each room of the home with a smart zone-controlled climate control unit. These climate control units sync up with the mini-split system that handles the temperature controls for that identifiable region of the beach house. The smart thermostat also links to us via an app on our smartphones! With a touch, my partner and I can shut off the a/cs throughout the beach home on our way to job and school! My partner and I can turn on the heating functions of these mini-split systems in the family room on afternoons that get a bit colder, leaving the rest of the beach home untreated. It’s the most functional appliance set that we have in our beach house. My partner I enjoy having the saves we biweekly from just having it. I can’t recommend ductless mini-split systems and smart climate control units enough!

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