Wreckage with the HVAC

About a week or two ago, I was just hanging out with some buddies of mine, then we were all great and lounging in the a/c. We even got some superb games of cards going, and it was good because we also picked up some soda and beer which the people I was with and I were sipping on. Well, it wasn’t long after the people I was with and I were eating when all heard this loud screech, after this obnoxious noise, I asked if everybody was able to hear that, which they all did! A few seconds after the noise, we noticed that the undefined system wasn’t actually working anymore! My close friend went to look at the control unit and then ran down to the HVAC unit! He came back with the bad news that the HVAC system was totally ruined. He told me that it was even smoking some. We all walked down to have a look because we were one hundred percent caught off guard that the HVAC unit was broken. Sure enough, it was broken down. When I checked over the air filter, I said this was actually the problem! The air filter looked adore it hadn’t been changed in over a year, my friend who owned the home said that he forgot all about that air filter. I later told him that it was just something that he needed to stay on top of, if he wanted his HVAC system to last. I said his energy bills must have been very high because a blocked air filter will cause the HVAC system to work too hard and break down. He said in a bummed out way, “That’s why the system seemed to always be running day and night.” Well the injure was actually done, the only thing he could do now was to call an HVAC company to deal with the severe damage.

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