A better air filter

Sarah as well as I have been a couple for 5 years. A few months back, Sarah and I decided to move into a loft together. It was a entirely huge step, because Sarah has a hamster. When I was a kid  I was taken to a doctor that deduced I had a fur allergy. Even a hamster could set me off. I would puff up and turn red. My eyes would itch, nose irritated and I would cough a bunch. Sarah and I talked about this for many months, before both of us decided to move in together anyway, even with the hamster. In order to combat the hamster hair as well as dust, both of us bought a good air filter for the heating as well as air conditioner. My girlfriend Sarah as well as I chose a specialty air purifier particularly made for homes with pets. The special air purifier is made for homes with indoor air conditions complications. My girl Sarah as well as I have been living together for many months now as well as our pollen irritations have not been too bad. The friendly hamster even sleeps in our room with us. Every one of us change the air filter every month and clean out the air purifier. Both of those things don’t even shows signs of wear as well as tear. Most months, the ac filter is filled with a disgusting hair as well as pet fur. Luckily, I know the air filters are trapping most of the harmful indoor air pollutants from my air quality.

HEPA filter