A/C set up in the home

After many years of piling storage equipment bills plus extra rooms filled with junk I never use, I then realized I needed to downsize fastly.  My sibling plus I culled through many boxes of items I have been lugging around for the past decade to determine what the people I was with and I could sell; It was a tough weekend full of many emotions, however after I parted ways with 90% of our ancient junk. I finally felt somewhat free though, in a way I wasn’t used to.  I finally cut our belongings down to what I could only fit inside a single room. I had inquired with a local company about buying a pre-built tiny house. They’re essentially a new twist on modular homes where you pack the only minimal essentials that a single wound need into a small space to live. You can buy them built according to a plan, or you can customize them as you want.  My builder had set plans, however gave me options for customization. In certain, he asked me what I wanted for the a/c. I live in the south so our primary problem with temperature control is only AC, even if I can get by with just a portable furnace the few cold afternoons throughout the Winter time season. He furthermore gave me the opportunity to have a ductless mini split plus a thru-wall air conditioner.  Since our tiny home was one of the smaller models, I opted for a thru-wall air conditioner based on its price plus the needs of our space. They’re basically window air conditioners that are built to mount in an opening cut in an exterior wall. Ductless mini split HVAC systems, however, are charming plus ridiculously efficient. Regardless, it was tough to justify an upfront cost nearly four times the price of the thru-wall equipment, when I wouldn’t need the heating options on the ductless mini split.  Therefore, it made much more sense to go with the thru-wall unit. I could save a little on installation plus product fees while still getting comparable performance.

ac plan