The woes of the dinner HVAC

People I was with glass myself rarely eat a meal away from our home, because we both have such honestly strict it dietary restrictions. I am on a gluten-free diet, plus the people I was with plus myself are honestly vegans. It can be difficult to find a place together that honestly has something for each of us. The people I was with plus myself usually prefer to stay home + cook up some delicious vegetables in our home. When my vegetarian parents were in town last January, we decided to frequent a new earth based restaurant in the city. It had great reviews plus we were looking forward to visiting the place. We purposely waited until my parents were in town, because they are vegetarians as well. This place was supposed to have the best hummus. The people I was with plus myself arrived at the restaurant shortly before a huge dinner rush occur, when the play started to fill up with people, it was clear the furnace plus cooling tower could not keep up. My family plus myself started to feel uncomfortable, before our food could arrive. It was as if the indoor air quality raised by a few degrees, plus the people I was with plus myself were honestly terribly uncomfortable. We decided it might have been best to go back to our home, where the cooling unit work nice and well. We apologize to my parents for the next up, plus decided to take our food to go to enjoy at home in the cold cool air. My parents readily agreed

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