Making a reservation

My husband Bob and I have a date evening every Sunday evening.   Last week, was special because the two of us were celebrating our second wedding birthday.  I purchased a gorgeous new dress and some nice new shoes to go with it. My loving hubby made reservations at our favorite restaurant as well as at an attractive hotel on the beach. It is over an hour away, so I was disappointed when the two of us were halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten a blazer.  The new dress I purchased was short sleeved, and I knew that the restaurant would be unreasonable cold! Just as I thought, the first thing I noticed when I walked in to the restaurant was how chilly it was. I asked for a large Starbucks Coffee hoping it would warm me up a bit. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I asked our waiter if he could turn the A/C down a little, and he said he could.   By the time our food arrived, I was so chilly my hands were shaking. I felt so awful to ask my hubby to leave earlier than the two of us had originally planned. But he was very understanding and willing since he knew I was suffering and cold. Our waiter saw us getting ready to leave and asked us if there was a problem. I told him that it was simply too chilly in the restaurant for us to stay, and he asked us politely to wait while he talked to his manager. The manager came back and apologized for it being so cold. He didn’t charge us for anything and added a desert.  He also promised to raise the temperature. Thankfully, the two of us were able to stay plus finish our meals. I don’t know why restaurants are so cold, but I wish they weren’t.

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