A faster heater and a/c repair

The last thing that you want to have happen when you’re going to host a dinner celebration is to have your Heating and Air Conditioning equipment go out on you at the last hour! Well, you also don’t want to give pretty much everyone food poisoning, either, but aside from that, I suppose that the common functioning of your heating and air conditioner equipment is the most substantial thing to consider. That’s because when you’re hosting people for a prolonged visit, especially when it’s a dinner celebration, you want them to easily feel comfortable. I suppose that’s especially true when it comes to having your air conditioner equipment running at the right temperature and capacity. This week, the temperature has definitely been heating up a lot and I’ve had our A/C equipment running at full blast in the property. I suppose I left it running on full blast for too long, and it must’ve frozen up or something like that. So as I was taking the chickens out of the oven and getting started on the roasted potatoes for our dinner celebration, I was dripping with sweat and the house literally felt like a gas furnace. I started to panic like crazy because I actually did not want the property to be an uncomfortably tepid temperature for our dinner guests! I reached out to our Heating and Air Conditioning supplier’s emergency line! And while this may not have been a serious emergency, I was still willing to spend money for the emergency air conditioner equipment repair fees! They sent out an A/C specialist within the hour and right as our first dinner guest pulled in the driveway, the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment truck was pulling out into the street. Talk about the best timing!

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