Hoping he can save heating and cooling energy

My husband is completely obsessed with a couple of things. This is definitely going to sound pretty weird, but he honestly prefers the soundtrack to this one movie that came out last summer! It was a musical, plus usually he can’t even bear to watch musicals. This particular one honestly resonated with him plus he watched it maybe a dozen times! Not only that, but he downloaded the soundtrack plus started listening to it over plus over again. It’s driving me mad, truthfully. No matter how good the tunes are, you get especially sick of hearing them after multiple months when they are on repeat. The other thing that my husband is obsessed with is our heating plus air conditioner equipment. I suppose that sounds a little bit nuts, however I’m serious. Not only does he talk about it all the time, but he does research about it all the time. He’s constantly looking for energy savings tips plus he’s constantly calling our local Heating plus A/C equipment companies to find out if they are running any specials on ventilation cleaning or repair packages. It’s so wild that he’s so preoccupied with our central air conditioner unit plus with our oil furnace. It’s not like our Heating plus A/C equipment is super old or anything. It’s not usually in need of repair or service work, either… Every one of us had a whole current Heating plus A/C system installed several years ago, plus that’s when he started being entirely obsessive about it. Maybe it’s just because we had to spend a great deal of money when we got the current Heating plus A/C equipment.

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