A few simple steps

I will admit it, I am not someone who typically freaks out easily. Anytime there is a hurricane warning, I still get up and do our normal morning. I don’t get a ton of supplies or flee our home. I always just figure all will be okay plus if not, I will figure it out. I don’t do quick yearly check ups with our dentist, I think great, so I am fine. I really don’t worry about things like our air quality in our home. It’s not that I am complete reckless a risk taker, I just don’t worry about things. One big thing that everybody is suddenly talking about is radon. Apparently radon can get into your condo through tiny cracks in the foundation. It can even get into your water too. The radon gas apparently then will make you sick plus you could develop lung cancer. About something like 20% of homes in the United States get radon in them. I am currently thinking I am in the lucky 73% of homes. Because of this, I have never bothered and tested for radon. The symptoms of radon plus getting sick by it would be suddenly coughing up blood. Never happened to me, so I must be doing good. Even if the radon was in our home, a little radon is not bad. You actually need a whole mess of radon before worrying about radon mitigation. Even, somehow, if you had boat loads of radon plus no radon reduction system, the lung cancer won’t instantly form due to this. If you have dangerous radon, it takes something like 40 years for lung cancer to form. I am already 30. Worst case scenario I have a bad case of lung cancer at 77. I guess I could handle that.

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