This is important

My husband, Marcus and I don’t agree on much of anything. We argue constantly.   It’s an ongoing struggle to make decisions. When we began remodeling our home, we quickly discovered that our tastes are entirely opposite. It was frustrating to go shopping and attempt to choose from various options and get nowhere. Marcus and I  pretty much go back and forth with our opinions. When it came time to decide on a new Heating and A/C system for the house, the decision took a lot longer than it should have. We just couldn’t agree. Buying a new furnace and air conditioner seems like a straightforward purchase.  The two of us are too stubborn and opinionated to compromise. We finally chose the model of heating and cooling system, and agreed to a time for installation. And yet we still debated over features and questioned the decision. We kept going round and round over the manufacturer, model and options we’d chosen.  We argued over the AFUE and SEER ratings, whether or not we wanted a smart thermostat and all of the many possibilities. Finally the HVAC system was installed. I was so relieved that was done with. Of course, there is always another decision waiting for us to argue about. I just want to complete these renovations.  Once these projects are done, we can start to enjoy our new HVAC system. At least we came to a good decision there. The upgrade to the Heating and A/C has made a huge improvement in our home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

SEER ratings