Wish he had a/c in the car

When I began to drive, I seemed to be the elected designated driver in our group.  Even when I went to college, I was the one who drove to and from the parties. If there was a road trip, everyone would pitch in for gas and incidentals, and we would all hop into my car.  Come to think of it, I was the only one that had a reliable car. Everyone else had to borrow their parents’ car, and I had my own. I guess it doesn’t surprise anyone that I started out as a Lyft driver, when I graduated and was working my way through grad school.  I was surprised at how many people want to have the car cold when they get in. I had to have a good HVAC system installed into my car. I needed to supply climate control that had thermostats for the driver and for the passenger. Climate control helped to make both their travel and mine, more comfortable.  I had a really air conditioning unit, and the heating had to be free of glitches. Having perfect air quality meant that I needed to also have a great air filtering system. I always had my air vents clean and free of debris, which also helped my passengers. I really thought I was just making my driving experience better, but I was also helping my clients to request me every time they needed a ride.  I had a lot of comments on how good the air quality and the HVAC was in my car. I also had a lot of return clients who requested me by name.

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