A great HVAC system in place

When I was twenty-one years old, I was working as a personal trainer and group fitness teacher at a local gym. I actually loved the work,  I liked seeing my students grow change over time. Then still, there were some things that couldn’t be controlled no matter how tough I tried to fix it. Aside from old iron weight sets that should’ve been retired due to rust, one of the largest gripes my coworkers and I had was dealing with the dreadful furnace and A/C equipment installed at this gym. It’s just awful! In the short years that I’d worked at that facility, there was never a day where the outdoor summer time heat was less intense than the heat inside the gym Then the same could be said during the winter, as it was often colder in the gym than it was outside! My members began saying our gym slogan should be “heating and air conditioning free since ‘03” – that’s how exhausting it was! Thankfully all of us had a change in management towards the end of my time there. Then the modern manager quickly realized that something had to change if all of us were going to increase our membership numbers, and prevent our weight sets from rusting out. In a relatively quick three-step process, the modern manager practically reversed the past years without heating and cooling! First, proper central heater and A/C equipment was installed that was appropriately fit for the building. Second, a dehumidifying component was put in to ensure the humidity of the outdoors wouldn’t follow my students into the gym… Last, an overhead HVAC duct layout was installed that was incredibly easy and particularly cooled down the whole facility… Existing members were shocked by the difference in the gym’s indoor air conditions! I was just ecstatic to finally see the change I’d been pushing for, for almost three years, finally come to life.

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