A group can do it

I get so many emails from people and companies I don’t know or never did business with. Really, I am puzzled as for how they accessed my address. Usually I ignore these messages, but I received an unusual email from a company offering tips on how to cool down in the car. For the most part, it provided a few useful suggestions as to how to maximize the use of your car’s A/C system.

      One of the main suggestions is being mindful of where you park. The vehicle temperature can vary by about forty degrees with the shade, so if you park in a shaded area, your A/C will blow out cooler air as the car won’t be so hot. Of course, the air gets even cooler as you drive too! So, set your control unit to recirculate the air rather than pour it out of the car, as the A/C will only need to chill the already cooled air. If you are in the habit of pre-cooling the car before driving, don’t do it. Your A/C does a much better job while you are driving with wind blowing at the car, as more air is circulated in. Remember to change your car A/C filters too, when necessary. The filters get clogged, and the air you need cannot flow as it should. Demonstrations on how to clean up the car filters are found online, so you can quickly learn how to change the filters for your make and model!

       I suppose these are good suggestions and I am going to give them a whirl this week. They should help save gas, improve the car’s A/C and do a better job to cool, and most importantly make the car more comfortable!

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