I am a bit worried

Emails seem to only come in from people and companies I don’t know these days. I am perpetually confused by how they accessed the email address to begin with, but it would seem that entering your address on even one website will have it instantly distribute to at least five other sites. While I tend to ignore these messages, I get the occasional email worth reading. Last week, I received an email newsletter from a company offering tips on how to improve the air conditioning in a car during the commute to work, school or otherwise. It gave a few useful suggestions, all relating to how one can maximize the use of their car’s A/C system.

      The first recommendation is mind where you park. The temperature in your car can vary by up to forty degrees based on where you park, so park in a shaded area and your A/C will cool down much faster! Of course, the air gets even cooler as you drive. Always set your car’s thermostat to recirculate the air too, as the A/C will only need to chill the already cooled air. Stop trying to pre-cool the car, too! Your vehicle’s A/C does a much better job while you are driving down the highway with the wind blowing along your path! Lastly, remember to replace your car’s air filters when needed. When the filters are clogged, the air you need cannot flow as it should! You can watch demos on how to wipe and clean your car A/C filters too, which can be found on the web.

       These are all solid suggestions that I’m going to put into practice. If you remember to do these things, these tips will help save gas, improve the car’s A/C to do a better job , and improve the quality of the ride during your commute!

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