Makeshift cooling

I went on the most bizarre date ever just last weekend. I met this guy online and he seemed nice enough. He invited me over to his place so that he could cook up a mean dinner. Those were his actual words. I said that I hoped his place had air conditioning because I appreciated my climate control. He said he absolutely had A/C and good heating as well. I thought that sounded fair enough. So when I showed up to his place all dolled up, his house didn’t look that well kempt from the outside, so I was hoping it would be nicer on the inside at least. Well, as soon as I walked inside, the place smelled of cigarettes and beer. It was entirely sizzling in the house and I said, “I thought you had A/C in your place?!” He said, “I do, it’s over here.” He led me to the kitchen where he had a fan blowing over a large bowl of ice. He said that he got a fresh bag of ice just for me. I shook my head in disbelief thinking this guy was absolutely nuts. The funny thing though, with the windows open and the air blowing over the ice, there was indeed a cooling sensation. Not nearly as good as regular A/C but I had to admit the stove was on and the food smelled nice. I couldn’t blame the man for trying. When dinner was ready, we dined in the comfort of the makeshift cooling system, and the food was actually delicious. I had to really think about if I wanted another date. On the one hand, his cooling system was creative and his cooking was fabulous, but I figured perhaps I could do better.

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