Jamming and having a ball

Since we first picked up our instruments and began to play music together, we had this dream that we could someday be the opening band for a major rock star.  For a year before this, we would talk about starting our bank. We finally got together and we started to practice in one another’s garage. Finally we were going to go to a studio and lay down some tracks.  We were going to send our music out to everyone, in hopes of finding someone who would think we were good enough to take a chance with. When we booked some space at a studio, we got to what used to be an old garage.  We were shown to the studio, and it was furnished and ready for us to start playing. I kept looking up to see where the air conditioning was coming from. There was no noise from the air conditioner, but I could feel the air coming from an air vent above us.  I marveled at how cool it was inside this booth. Even as we were playing the music, my mind was wandering to the air vents. I kept feeling the air blowing all around us, but I couldn’t hear the sounds of the air conditioning. after we were done, I thanked the man at the studio, but I had to ask about the air conditioning.  He said they had mini boosters around the building to help circulate the air conditioning more efficiently. Since the building was so old, the mini boosters made a lot of sense, and it certainly helped to get the air conditioning circulated.