A new electric heater

Now that I’m in my 40s, I often look back on the decisions that I made back in the final days of school!  I did the same as everyone else. I graduated from high school, worked part-time at a fast food restaurant, then went away to school. I lived in a dorm for two years and then in a inexpensive condo with my best friends for two more years.  When I graduated from college I went out and looked for a work. The major complication was, with my business major, all of the works seemed to be taken already! I ended up finally working as a retail manager for literally years before I found a job that involved what I went to school to do.   Hindsight is easily 20/20. Now I wish that when I graduated from school that I had gone to a technical school and program instead. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the field that I should have learned about. That might sound weird, however heating, ventilation and A/C is a field that is consistently increasing and growing with new technology. heating, ventilation and A/C seems like it would be a truly exciting industry to work in.  In my opinion, however and when you think about it, there’s never going to be a job shortage. I mean, from now until kingdom come, people are always going to need their oil furnaces tested and taken care of. People are consistently going to want cool air in the summer. The cooling system is going to tear up from time to time! The best thing about it is the cost of Heating, Ventilation and A/C education. It doesn’t cost that much to become certified as a heating and cooling systems technician.   Your student loans don’t end up being truly that much at all.

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