Electric issues

You know, some things never cease to amaze me.   Being a homeowner comes with all kind of surprises.   Especially if you’re the owner of an older home that has had several previous owners! That’s the exact case with our house. It’s the oldest home in our entire city, and all of us have found all kinds of things in this home that you wouldn’t believe.  In our attic behind the electrical wiring panel, we found an antique book. It dated back to 1922! We also found vintage RC cola bottles buried in the ground beneath our deck. If you don’t know what a vintage RC glass bottle looks like, you are missing out!  The most recent thing was just plain crazy. So we had been having some problems with our heating and cooling plan in our house. The heating would never kick on when it was supposed to and the air conditioning wouldn’t cool either. It was driving us completely crazy and we didn’t have the money to call a professional Heating, Ventilation and A/C business to come out and examine it for us.   Every one of us figured that our air conditioning and gas furnace was rigged up like the rest of the house. Sure enough, when we made the decision to go down to the basement to check out the Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit, everything was done in a shoddy way. We’d never even looked at the HVAC unit very carefully, because we’d never had a problem with it before. After all of us started examining it, though, it was amazing that we’d lived in the home without it burning down! The way they had the air conditioning unit wired and taped all over the place was honestly a huge fire hazard. So all of us bit the bullet and called the local Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation to come out and take a look. He did some repairs and got everything up to code on the air conditioning unit.

AC system