The honeymoon spot had heated floors

Last month, my husband and I got to go on our second honeymoon.  We were so excited to be getting away from the kids, that we really didn’t care where we went or what we were going to do.  It had been five years since we had been away from the house without having at least one kid hanging onto us. My parents took the kids and gave us a lovely four day stay in a new mountain resort.  I had all kinds of plans for what I wanted to do when I read about the location. I thought it would be fun to go zip-lining. I wanted to hike up the waterfalls and take a ride down the large water slide that followed the ski slopes.  When we walked into the room, I was in love. The HVAC in the room was amazing. The person at the front counter told us how to use the thermostat in the room. He said they had central heating and air conditioning and every room had its own thermostat to control their individual heating and air conditioning.  He showed how to switch to heating for night time. The days were almost eighty, but he said that at night, it still went down to near freezing. That night, it began to get chilly and my husband adjusted the thermostat. I felt the most delicious heating coming from the floor. I didn’t realize they had radiant heat.  I sat down on the bed and dug my toes into the carpeting that was warmed from the radiant heat. When I laid back, I didn’t need the blanket because the heating spread all through the air like a warm blanket. We ended up napping for nearly the entire four days.

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