A new pool is my dream

Today, I tried an experiment with our cooling system. See, it’s been a really long, tepid summer time where every one of us live as well as our cooling system bills have been really high for the past more than two weeks. That’s why, this week, when it’s been cooler than it’s been in weeks as well as weeks, I decided to turn off our cooling system as well as open up the windows as well as doors to try as well as get some cool, fresh air into the house. Not only did I want some fresh air in the house, I wanted to provide our cooling system equipment a rest from constantly really working (and provide our trifolds a rest from constantly paying for the cooling system!) Well, it worked pretty well for most of the morning. The breeze was nice as well as cool all morning as well as every one of us didn’t really do anything difficult outside in the sunshine. It wasn’t awful at all until the evening sun came streaming in through the back doors as well as windows as well as heating up the house. At that point, the heat in the cabin became almost unbearable as well as I decided to turn the control equipment back to cooling system. Well, the cabin had gotten so tepid by then that our partner as well as I couldn’t get to sleep. We’re used to sleeping with the control equipment set at around 67 or 72 degrees, as well as the temperature was about more than nine degrees hotter than that! Once the cooling system kicked on again, it had to job more than nine times harder to try as well as cool the entire cabin back down to a cooler temperature. I don’t know our method worked out actually well at all. Our cooling system bill will entirely be more now than it would’ve been if I’d just let the programmable control equipment do its task.  

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