A repair we can agree on

I get so many emails from people and companies I don’t know. I am always curious as to how they accessed my email address to begin with, but apparently entering your e-address on a single website means five other sites receive your information via distribution. I ignore these messages most of the time, but Last week I acquired an interesting email from an HVAC supply company, offering tips on how to beat the heat as you drive! It offered a few useful suggestions to maximize the use of your car’s AC system, and I feel they’re worth passing on.

      One recommendation is to be careful where you park. Parking in the shade can make as much as a forty degree difference, so if you park in a shaded area, your AC will cool the car down faster! Of course, the air gets even cooler as you drive, so set your control component to recirculate the air. Doing this means the AC will only need to chill the already cool air, rather than cooling only the air brought in. If you are in the habit of pre-cooling your car before you drive, don’t. The AC works more effectively while driving down the highway, with more wind resistance against your car. Remember to change your car’s AC filters when necessary, too! When the filters are jammed, the air you need cannot flow as it should. Demonstrations on how to scrub your AC filters can be found on the web, which is way more convenient than asking my mechanic to do it.

       I know these are great suggestions, and I am going to try to put them in practice. They will help save gas, help the car’s AC system work more efficiently, and make my car far more comfortable of a ride!

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