A serious strain on my budget

The day I realized that my partner was running around behind my back with another woman, I immediately wanted a divorce.  Instead of confronting my partner directly, I first spoke with an attorney. I wanted to make sure that I followed all of the right procedures to gain maximum benefits from our separation.  My partner was in quite a bit of debt from starting his own business, plus I didn’t want to be held legally liable for his financial obligations. My lawyer was extremely helpful throughout the whole divorce process.  I was surprised, however, by how long it took to finally be legally independent of my partner.

                 Because of all of our combined assets, there were lots of details to consider.  Since we both wanted the house, this turned into a substantial argument plus problem.  For most of the process, I needed to do little. My lawyer simply spoke with my partner’s lawyer, plus then reported back to me.  There was a good deal of paperwork plus expense.

             Paying my lawyer caused a serious drain on my budget.  I was forced to take out a small loan to cover all of the legal fees plus pay my bills.   I can’t even imagine the mess we would have faced if there were children involved. I am simply relieved to have the whole thing is settled..  The two of us eventually decided to sell the condo plus split the money.. There is no longer a reason to ever deal with my ex-partner again.

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