A very smart investment

My parents recently moved after all of their youngsters grew up and moved out. They decided to downsize and purchase a smaller house perfect for the two of them. They actually moved into an attractive ranch not too far away from me. I am able to visit them as often as I like, which is a big perk. I also periodically get surprise visits with dinner in hand by my mother, which is great. After moving in, my parents were seriously discussing updating the heating and cooling systems in the new house. They wanted something high-end and efficient. Every time I popped over for dinner, it seemed like it was their topic of conversation.  In the end, they were debating between radiant floors and a smart control unit. With radiant floors, water slowly moves through pipes beneath the floorboards to heat the entire house at an efficient speed. It can save a lot on utility bills. It also avoids those frosty cold floors during the winter. A smart control unit would save money because my parents could control the temperature on the go. They could lower the temperature all the way down while they are out, then turn the temperature back up only when they are on their way back home. This would avoid unnecessarily wasting energy, while also providing the convenience of phone accessibility and consistent, comfortable room temperatures. They are still debating over which heating and A/C unit to invest in, and I am legitimately interested to see which one will win!

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