This is my best shot

Several weeks ago, my partner and I decided to replace our HVAC system. We have been living in the same new home for over four years now and have put some sweat equity into making ourselves the perfect home. We fell in love with our home as soon as we saw it.  When we actually moved in, we knew we needed to do some updates. Right off the bat we were looking at replacing windows, fixing broken floorboards, in addition to insulating the basement. After that was all done, we moved to fixing cosmetic things. Most recently, both of us decided it was time for an HVAC replacement. Our outdated system worked pretty well, but it was nothing spectacular. We experienced some outrageous heating bills, so we wanted something more efficient. We also chose to update to a smart temperature control. This required a major investment financially, but it was well worth it. This allowed us to control the temperature of our new home from our phones. No matter where we are, we can control the temperature of our home. We can even do this while at work. There is never any wasted heat in our home now. The two of us can turn down our heating when we leave home and then turn it up on our commute back home. It saves us tons of money too because we aren’t carelessly running any heating or cooling appliances!

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