AC and the good movie

The movie theatre is the place to be during the hot summer. I invite my wife to come along with me most times, even though we don’t always agree on what makes a film worthwhile. She always prefers to watch these boring romance flicks or lame comedies, though I fancy the action packed films or movies with deep abstract plots. If it has a lot of shootouts and explosions, or a lot of suspense and intrigue, that is what I want to see! The thing I love most about going to the theatre though? The excellent air conditioning system they have installed and running all year long. They always have the air conditioner working into overtime in the theatre, so it just feels perfectly cool inside. My wife often complains that it is freezing cold inside, but I usually just give her my jacket and let her snuggle up against me. I’m like a walking, living space heater! I know I like the temperature just fine, but I still bring a jacket every time we go just in case she gets uncomfortably cold. After all, I might enjoy the cold air created by the high-powered air conditioning system, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does, too! Anyway, that’s why the movie theatre is my secret weapon against the hot summer months. I know the majority of most shopping malls are kept pretty chilly as well, but walking around will get me sweating quickly. Plus, no amount of air conditioning can dupe me into buying things I don’t need from the countless stores at the mall.

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