The HVAC just plain stopped

I didn’t like the thought of my best friend suffering when he was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatments. As well, the radiation was a hard thing to watch him endure. The doctors claimed that would be his best opportunity of getting through this. It seemed like it just caused his death to come faster. I was there for him every step of the way, often yelling at those doctors to adjust the thermostat when the temperature control system was cranking out freezing air in his room. I truly didn’t understand why these doctors were trying to freeze us solid in the hospital, since the cancer treatments were bad enough as it was when it came to making patients feel cold! Near the end, it was hard to endure. My old friend looked thirty years older than he was, and had the structure of a walking skeleton. When he did finally pass, I was feeling depressed and quite broken. But that’s the funny thing about his passing – he seemed to keep a presence in my life after that! When I went back home after his funeral, my thermostat started acting out. It was a fairly cold day outside, and the thermostat kept automatically switching to the heating system – even though I had it off for most of the day anyway. No matter what I did, the thermostat just seemed to have a mind of its own and would turn on the heat at random times in the day and night. I finally had to call a professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist to repair the thermostat. I joked with the HVAC service technician that it must’ve been my late friend trying to warm up, so he would turn on the heating system in my home. The heating and air conditioning service technician wound up having to replace the thermostat altogether due to glitchy software, but he offered to let me hang onto the old thermostat. “It’s only crazy if you think it’s crazy”, he said, smiling as he placed the old thermostat in my hands.

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