Ac for my pet sitting gig

Looking for other ways to make more money can be challenging at times. I have this bad habit of spending more than I make on new threads, and it’s killing me financially! When I found a side hustle that was easy and paid well, I saw an opportunity to ease the financial burden on my well-dressed shoulders. One of my neighbors was going on a trip for several weeks, so they asked me if I would mind living out of their apartment and watching their dog while they were gone. Watch the dog, take it out to walk every few hours and make sure it’s fed – it doesn’t get much easier than that, right? That was far from the truth, sadly. This dog was a real diva about how cool the room was, and I found out that she is a big fan of having the cooling system cranked up to the max! Whenever I would try to turn down the air conditioning system, she’d bark. If I dared to turn on the gas furnace, she would instantly howl at me until I cut it out! The only time I could escape the cold was on our walks, but she is an ancient dog. The two of us couldn’t walk more than five minutes, and she wanted to go back home by then. I was literally so cold during those weeks, I donned a heavy jacket to sleep. I suppose with all of this cash I’m going to be making, I might have to invest in a space heater to thaw out!

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