Project with the HVAC

You know how some parents never grow out of the “helicopter” phase? That’s what my life has been like for the past thirty-two years. My parents have always hovered nearby, constantly micromanaging everything I do. I tried to move away from them and head up North, but they followed suit! I knew that my dream of independence from their tyranny was over! When they moved into their new home up here, it was just me and my dad that had to move around all of the furniture. Plus, I was also the man put in charge of putting together and installing the heating and cooling system. Sure, I’m a self-proclaimed handyman, but I’m no miracle worker. I’m definitely in over my head with this project! I told my parents that they should just trust this installation to a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair technician and let them take care of it. They refused, citing their urge to save money and their old school mentality of thinking that any task should be done by the family to make it right! I had to spend over six hours working on the gas furnace alone, and even then I had to watch countless videos online that showed how install it properly! Once I finally got their new home and heating and cooling component set up, I found out they don’t use it! They are always at my home instead, claiming their component doesn’t keep the home warm enough for their liking. I wish I never had radiant heated flooring installed, because I can’t keep these crazy old people out of my house!

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