Real handy with air conditioners

My company gave me a very lucrative task, & I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It meant leaving behind all of my friends & family. I was very uneasy & nervous, when I said goodbye & drove away in my moving truck. I moved into a very nice home community, with a gated entry & security guards. It was a very nice task perk, because the company was paying my rent. The first afternoon I had arrived, I met some pretty nice people. I was unloading the truck alone, because I did not think to ask anyone. Some downstairs neighbors gave to help. I told them I did not have any money to pay them & they scoffed at my request. They spent many hours helping me unload boxes, furniture, & even the king size bed. After everything was in the apartment, my new friends went back home. I had a ton of unpacking to perform, so I turned down the A/C. I just wanted the A/C to be a scant few degrees cooler. Thirty minutes after I adjusted the A/C, I no longer felt any cool air. I started to search for the central A/C unit. I finally found it hiding behind a closet door. The A/C component was frozen up solid. I contacted the home management office, & they sent a building repair supervisor. It was the same fellow who helped me move all of the boxes. he came up the stairs & diagnosed the A/C unit. She also brought a couple of freezing beers, & we talked while he worked for me. I believe I made a new friend, & he is a legitimately handy person.

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