Selling me on new a/c filters


Back in the day when I was a rookie they stuck me with the southwestern sales circuit! It was a real slog, driving hundreds of miles a week, make cold calls, bracing store managers for sales, then after I attended our first trade show, I realized why they regularly saddles the rookies with those kind of sales gigs. It was a superb way to wet your beak & learn the trade from the ground up, but it was also annoying & never resulted in multiple sales. At a trade show or convention, but, you can make a lot more sales by doing far  less. If you are similar to me, & do a lot more than you need to, then every Heating & A/C convention is a gold mine waiting to happen, working that bad circuit for 6 months, moving neighborhood to neighborhood pushing air filters somehow taught me about working hard. Now I work almost just as hard at every Heating & A/C trade show, & it pays serious dividends. Many people in the Heating & A/C industry use these shows as a way to get out of neighborhood & party a tiny amount. So when someone care about me comes in, not to party to make a ton of air filter sales, the picking are super simple. I have the entire rest of our life to get drunk & party, so I get laser focused at every Heating & A/C industry event & do nothing but sell, sell, and sell! Thanks to making major quantities of air filter sales at the correct trade shows, I am one hundred percent done with driving the circuit & making frigid calls.

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