AC unit breaking circuit

Well, I have a whole set of unexpected projects to finish today, all thanks to my home ventilation system. I have a massive hole in the wall to patch, a huge can of paint to clean off the floor, and a number of bodily wounds to attend to. Not to mention, I get to call the local HVAC shop and deal with setting up an appointment to have my cooling system inspected and repaired. God forbid, I may need to have the entire air conditioner unit replaced. What happened here, you ask? Just a mysterious technological issue, ruining my day, as usual. You see, I woke up this morning and was ready and willing to get to work painting my upstairs bathroom. As I was working in the space, I noticed that it was getting pretty hot and stuffy in the small room, so I went over and adjusted the thermostat down a few degrees. I returned to the bathroom and felt cool air begin to drift through the single air vent before suddenly being lurched into complete darkness. I felt my way out of the bathroom and down to the circuit breaker, flipping every switch until the house lit up again. I returned to my bathroom and got back to work again, feeling the AC kick into action once more. This lasted for about twenty seconds before the darkness returned. This time, increasingly frustrated and hot, I accidentally kicked over my can of paint all over the floor. Angry at my the mishap, I promptly punched the freshly painted wall, and my fist went straight through the drywall. I stumbled down to the circuit box again, flipped the switch, and heard the AC lurch into action before the circuit flipped back again. That’s when I realized I suddenly had a broken AC unit, busted wall, and broken hand to contend with today.

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