The fans to help out our heater

I spent a majority of our life as a stay at house parent. I  handled our teenagers, the house, and the family’s finances. Many people wondered how I ever felt content without a “real” career of our own, but I very much enjoyed providing for our family in a way that was not at all financial. Once the teenagers were moved out, I went back to working. However, I sometimes suppose I did too much around the house and hardly ever put enough responsibility on the teenagers. Because I cooked and cleaned, our sons don’t seem to have the first clue how to keep up their own households now! I was babysitting for our teenager grandkids while our kid was at job last week, and I noticed that the house was awfully frigid. I checked out the thermostat settings and saw that the heat was set plenty high enough. I did some light investigating, and soon found when I went upstairs that all the heat had risen to the top of the stairs. I turned on the ceiling fans, but it made little impact. In fact, I certainly felt cooler. It didn’t take me too long to realize that the ceiling fans had not been rotated for the Wintertide so that they could move the warm air downward and into the room. I’m sure they were spending a fortune trying to heat up the downstairs without realizing the problem. With the help of our grandson, every one of us had to spend the afternoon rotating the blades of all the ceiling fans, however perhaps I never mentioned to our kiddos when I did this while he was growing up. I wish I had put more responsibility on their minds so that they would have been more prepared for the future. Either way, I didn’t dwell on that thought for too long, but instead sat and enjoyed the now warm and cozy home.

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