air cleaner for burnt meals

Though I’d say I’m a pretty solid cook, I make mistakes from time to time. On the nights when I’m exhausted and already worked for most of my shift without taking a break, I’m most prone to error. I remember one time when I was trying to finish cooking these vegetables, just so I could add the curry sauce to complete lunch! Well, I went to go finish packing for my trip in my impatience, and as a result I forgot all about my lunch! I got back into the bedroom in time to reclaim lunch, though the smell of charred peppers and carrots was less than pleasant. That’s why I keep my whole-house air purifier in the bedroom! As my little home bedroom doesn’t have a vent hood or central A/C system connection, this whole-house air purifier goes the extra mile for helping me breathe easier. By placing it in the bedroom, the whole-house air purifier keeps the air clean, plus helps to scrub the room of bacteria in the air. After a bad night of cooking, I usually turn it on high so the smell of my error is wiped away within the hour. My air purification is able to accomplish this because it uses two-part air filtering system. First, a charcoal pre filter, followed closely by a HEPA air filter. The charcoal filter helps to absorb smells, while the HEPA air filter takes care of everything from pollen to mold. Neat, right? Every night before bed, I turn on the UV light since this air purification system works to kill bacteria on a microscopic level. In turn, my bedroom is always clean and ready to go when I wake up in the morning.

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