Getting HVAC service

My neighbor Katie recently had to live through a four day project at her house to get her unquestionably old and decrepit oil furnace replaced. The local HVAC business that she hired for the furnace replacement also installed an up-to-date central air conditioner plan throughout her house. The HVAC business ended up having to run three different lines of air ductwork, plus an up-to-date cold air vent return to the home additions that they installed. And then Katie had them to install an energy efficient furnace. Now, she that the new furnace keeps her entire house at exactly the same temperature! She prefers that there are no real hot or cold spots throughout the house now, and she also had them to install an up-to-date, state of the art, digital programmable control unit to go along with the new central air conditioner unit and the heating plan in her house. Katie says that she couldn’t be happier with the HVAC service or with the heating and A/C plan in her house. She also said that the HVAC workers were always at her house right on time and that they gave her excellent quality service throughout the whole process. Katie said that she wishes she could get that kind of service and quality in everything that she has to have done! After hearing her story, I’m going to start using that same HVAC business for all of my heating as well as air conditioner service as well as services too! I’m going to be needing a newer furnace this winter, and after talking to Katie, I’m pretty sure that her HVAC business is the right one to do my work, too!  

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