Air purifier or separate ductless HVAC for candle making room

My girlfriend Tracy has gotten into making candles. Tracy changes jobs like people change their hair. She is always coming up with her new passion in life and exploring it. The newest is candle making and I can’t wait until she picks something new. First, there is literally no money in making candles. Weddings, baby showers, and school fundraisers occasionally call her up. Other than that, she just makes candles for fun. Second, the smell is literally killing me. I gave Tracy a room in the house to make her candles and not taint the whole house. The smell of the candles have gotten into our ductwork. The HVAC system turned on, the air went through the vents and then took the candle smell. Now every room in the house smells like a flower mash up. I hate the smells and I always have a headache. I have been loosely thinking about getting an air purifier. I could install the air purification system right into the HVAC system. As the heating or cooling function is on, the air quality would be cleaned. The air purifier is made to remove odors in the air quality. This would be perfect for the candles. However, I would prefer to close the air vent in Tracy’s room and give her a ductless mini split. The smell would stay in there and she would have HVAC. But, a ductless mini split cost more. If her next job does not need that room, I will have wasted my money  buying HVAC equipment that she won’t ever use.

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