He said he would be back

I remember the last time we went on vacation, my father took up to this rented cabin way out in the woods. I was shocked when there was no HVAC system. Instead of having a gas furnace, we had a fireplace with a little bit of wood ready to burn. The good news was, it wasn’t incredibly cold in the day, but at night, it became rather chilly. The first night, my father had the fireplace going and it honestly wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Of course, to keep warm enough you had to remain fairly close to the fireplace. On the second evening, we were actually running out of wood and fast. My father said he would be back and he went somewhere. We didn’t exactly know where he went, it was just our mom and us kids. When the fire was starting to really die down and we already used the rest of the wood, we were all getting worried as we were wrapped up in blankets. That’s when we heard the car pull up and our father came inside with this awesome portable electric furnace! He hooked up the furnace and it starting cranking out the heat. He said that now we didn’t have to worry about splitting wood. My father has a pretty bad back so I couldn’t picture him handling that. We were all grateful that he went out and got a portable furnace, but he could have told us he was going to do that. We were all really worried, especially our mother! We certainly experienced some warm toasty nights and slept well with that furnace though!

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