Lilac scented air filter was a mistake

My roommate Nick is obsessed with the scent lilac. I think that his mom must have used lilac a bunch or something. When we get dish soap, hand soap or laundry detergent, it needs to be lilac scented. Our dryer sheets smell like it, our candles and even our febreze smells like it. The newest lilac scented thing we got was air filters. Nick and I change our HVAC system’s air filter once a month. We need to because of the amount of dirt, dust and hair that gets in the air filter. If you leave the air filter dirty, the HVAC won’t turn on. Or if it does turn on, the HVAC system could overheat and then need a major HVAC repair. Since we are two broke guys, a couple buck air filter over a huge HVAC repair sounds better. When Nick and I went to the store, we found that air filters can be scented. What scent did we get? Lilac air filters of course for our HVAC system. Nick was so excited about it but worried that the store would not always have them. So Nick and I bought all the lilac air filters they had. After using one scented air filter, I can tell you it was a mistake to get them. The lilac smell in the air conditioning filter is gross. The smell of lilac mixed with dirt is very unpleasant. Even Nick does not really like the odor. We got a bunch of them though. Are we supposed to just throw them all away?

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