I just arrived back to our house

For most of Fall and into the Spring, I am throwing open our windows and letting the cool, fresh air into our house.  To me, there is nothing better than to see the curtains blow in the breeze and have the French doors opened to the back porch.  However, when May begins its approach, I start thinking about closing our windows and doors and about our future AC bills for the long, humid summertime months ahead.  That’s when I usually call our local heating and AC company to make our yearly appointment for them to service the heating and cooling program for our house. We’ve had our HVAC unit for many years, and it is the same one all of us installed when we built our house.  Just like I go yearly to the nurse for a cleaning and checkup, I think the same things are just as important for our heating and AC system. I believe the AC unit has worked so well for us because we’ve constantly taken care of it, making sure it is maintained before the hardest job in the summertime.  I am constantly surprised by the amount of debris that gathers around and in our air conditioner unit in the course of twelve months. By keeping the A/C washed and genuinely serviced officially, I can be sure that all of us will not be without cold air while we’re in the hottest months of the year. Some people may guess that air conditioning is a luxury, however more and more it is becoming a necessity because of increasing temperatures in the summertime months.  Children and the elderly are especially at risk when temperatures rise to serious levels, so its important to have a reliable source of cool air. That’s why I constantly have a check up.

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