All the colors of the world

I love the beautifully colored fish and corals that we have in our saltwater tanks.  I never would have thought that you could have so many colors at one time and in one place.  We have all of the blues, greens, oranges, reds and pinks. We also have gorgeous shades of purples and some amazing patterns.  The corals are so stunning and I find myself just staring into the tank because it brings a calm to your spirit. I also sometimes find myself staring into the tank wondering why we ever got such a large tank.  I have almost as much water in that tank as I have in the small pool that I got for my kids. It’s okay to have that humidity outside, but not inside. I’ve talked to my husband and I told him we had to do something.  It can be cool and breezy outside, but I need to run my air conditioning twenty-four-seven. This is quite a hit to my energy bills. I can’t afford to keep running the AC all of the time. We have a dehumidifier on the air conditioner, but with the amount of humidity coming off that tank, it doesn’t seem able to keep up.  We put about 20 gallons of water into that tank, every other day. That is the amount of water that is going into our air. This is one heck of a lot of humidity. We need to either put in a heavier air conditioning unit or upgrade the dehumidification system. I think the cost of the new dehumidification system will definitely be less than the cost of the energy bills.

a/c install