Weather watching for the kids.

The weather is rapidly switching from summer to fall.  We are always watching the weather now to see how to dress the kids for the day.  Yesterday it was in the fifties all day, but tomorrow it is going to be eighty. This makes it necessary to dress the kids differently to accomodate for the temperatures.  The heat will have turned on in the school, and I’m not sure how well their thermostats really work. I’ve worked in the school and I have gone in there when it was barely sixty in the summer, but in the winter, it can be sixty or eighty.  I think it has to do with which custodian is there to man the thermostats and take care of the HVAC system, that day. Sometimes I also need to be aware of what I should be wearing. I get my kids up and dressed and I usher them out the door to their bus.  It is comfortable in my home, so I don’t much think about what is going on outside. I have watched the news and I’ve dressed my children accordingly. Then I walk out, to say goodbye to them and watch as they get safely into the bus, and I realize that I am standing there in my robe and slippers and it is cold.  I can feel the breeze blowing through my robe and my toes are cold. That’s when I’m glad that I can run inside and turn up the thermostat. I can relax as I stand near the air vent and warm my toes.

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